Graphic by Mike Kabok (Prosolar Mechanics)

Graphic by Mike Kabok (Prosolar Mechanics)

A summary of my creative work.


These are my amps, and @Myg is my Twitter handle. I made this as an ebook cover for my pre-readers.

Loud is How I Love You 

A rock and roll erotic romance between two college-aged indie rock band kids in the 90s New Brunswick (NJ) music scene. It's something I happen to know a lot about, though it's not--I repeat--it's not autobiographical. Those who know me and know the music scene will find a lot of similarities, though. I'm querying agents for this manuscript right now (April 2014). If you're inclined to read new adult, this is in that genre. It's kind of like Clerks with more bands and sex.

To Be Named - Hub City Hook Up #2

This is my current writing project. It's another erotic romance that takes place with two different characters from Loud, and takes place when the band goes on tour.


This is a monster of a manuscript that is unfortunately not easy to pick a genre for. It's not about bands at all (despite the reference to my own band name). This story is about mechanics--highly trained professionals who repair and maintain the enormous machinery that keeps the world inhabitable. It's sort of sci-fi, sort of fantasy, sort of urban fantasy, sort of magical realism, and it's got romance in it. The two protagonists are under 18 but it's not really YA at all, and there are multiple POVs in it. See my problem here? It's in need of a lot of revision in order for anyone not in my own head to really follow it. I expect to have that ready to query by the end of 2014.

Black Caribou

This is a straight-up fantasy romance with erotic content that's about vampires, and it comes right out of my Twilight fic writing experience. It's my attempt to write something like Twilight for the adult audience who fell in love with it, with complex characters put into an adult-themed fairy tale. It features an original character from my own Twific. It's about 2/3 of the way done and on the shelf for now. 

Osa Bella

This is the Twilight fanfic that made me realize I should write novels. It was completed and published at in 2010. It's the fic that re-imagines Twilight with Bella as an adult (as she should be, in my opinion) and Edward as way more of a bastard. And there are bears in it. 


Prosolar Mechanics is my only active music project right now. We tend to play one show every two years or so, and are currently preparing for a show in August. Hopefully we will head into the studio sometime this year. See the events page and the Prosolar Mechanics About section for more information.