"...Funny and direct and profane when it needs to be; lots of short paragraphs and punchy sentences and a nice, brisk pace. Emmy’s voice is consistent throughout: she does indeed sound like a talented 21-year-old rock maniac whose world is her band and whose band is her world. I do hope Mercy Brown will forgive me for saying that the writing in Loud Is How I Love You often reminds me of that of another New Jersey author with sex on her mind: Judy Blume. Today they might seem tame by comparison to say, Young Thug, but in the ’80s, some of Blume’s books were considered too racy for young readers. A censor might be inclined to slap a big red X on parts ofLoud, and I can’t deny that the descriptions of various acts in this book are lurid. For what it’s worth, I found the sex scenes in Loud Is How I Love You extremely sweet — wholesome, even. Even on their worst behavior, Emmy and Travis truly care about each other, and their intimacy reflects that. The creepy violence, head games and coercion that has recently infected some of the popular titles in adult romance? None of that stuff is welcome at Brown’s party. The sex encounters in Loud are 100 percent consensual and enthusiastic, and I applaud Mercy Brown for keeping the b.s. capitalist power dynamics out of the bedroom. Given the present climate and current narrative conventions, this must have taken some real restraint..."

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